New Orleans Center for the Gulf South

The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the rich culture and history of the Central Gulf South. The Center is a platform for interdisciplinary work on this region’s unique history, identity, and culture. With a focus on the Central Gulf Coast and areas of the Caribbean and Latin America that have impacted the culture of the Gulf Coast, the Center will raise awareness of the traditions and heritage of this region. The mission rests on three pillars: research, teaching, and community engagement. Through partnerships with community, national, and international institutions, the Center will integrate research and curriculum on the Gulf South into broader programming such that the region’s culture will remain vibrant for future generations.

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  • Courses

Black Music & Performance in New Orleans

ADST 3550
Faculty: Marc D. Perry

Building Community through the Arts

DANC 4900
Faculty: Barbara Hayley

French and Creole In Louisiana

FREN 4110/6110
Faculty: Nathalie Dajko, Thomas A. Klingler

Gender, Archives, and Musical Culture

GESS 4500
Faculty: Susan Tucker

History of Jazz

MUSC 3340
Faculty: John Joyce

Hollywood South

COMM 4810
Faculty: Vicki Mayer

Jazz, Blues, and Literature

ENLS 4010
Faculty: Joel Dinerstein

Languages of Louisiana

ANTH 4930
Faculty: Nathalie Dajko

Literary New Orleans

ENLS 4030
Faculty: T.R. Johnson

New Orleans and Senegal in the Atlantic World

HISU 3100-01
Faculty: Emily Clark

New Orleans Hip Hop

ADST 1550
Faculty: Nghana Lewis

New Orleans Music

MUSC 1900
Faculty: Matt Sakakeeny

The Creation of Jazz in New Orleans

HISU 4694-01
Faculty: Bruce Raeburn

Urban Geography: New Orleans Case Study

Faculty: Richard Campanella

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