Born August 15th, 1969.

Played with: New Orleans Bingo! Show, Liquidrone

Clint has made the Crescent City his home for more than 16 years now, after living in 12 different states before he was ten years old. His family has deep local ties, with ancestors living in the Third Ward as far back as the late nineteenth century. In fact, as a child, Clint absorbed the spirit and feel of traditional jazz before he even knew what it was, from the records that his grandmother would play. At Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he studied with clarinet innovator Alvin Baptiste and then moved back to New Orleans. There, he paid the rent on a bicycle, delivering food for a local diner to customers throughout the French Quarter. He built his reputation at night, though, through Bingo! and Liquidrone, two projects whose experimental performances continue to draw from sources that are wildly eclectic yet at the same time indigenous to New Orleans.

Source: Wikipedia

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