Rosie Ledet (born October 25, 1971, Mary Roszela Bellard in Church Point, Louisiana, USA) is an American Creole Zydeco accordion player and singer.

Raised in rural Louisiana, she listened to rock music in her youth. Although she was in an environment where zydeco was heard, she took little interest in the music at the time. It was when she was sixteen that she first got fascinated with zydeco music. She attended a zydeco dance at Richard’s, a famous zydeco club in Lawtell, Louisiana, and saw Boozoo Chavis play which got her started to learning the music. At this dance, she also met Morris Ledet, her husband to be.

She learned the accordion watching Morris play. When he heard her, he stepped aside allowing her the spotlight, and became her accompanist on the bass guitar. Morris, then brought Rosie to his producer, Mike Lachney,a/k/a DJ BAD WEATHER (veteran zydeco producer). Mike was so impressed, that he quickly set up a recording session. Mike then took Rosie to Floyd Soileau, of Maison De Soul label. Floyd also was impressed and gave Mike a contract to produce five albums on Rosie. She started playing around Louisiana and Texas in 1994. The same year, she released her debut album Sweet Brown Sugar on Maison De Soul label.

She is a young female zydeco accordion player famous in the genre for her sultry and suggestive lyrics. She continues to tour and record with her band the Zydeco Playboys.

She resides with her husband in Iota, Louisiana.

Source: Wikipedia