New Orleans Mint Performing Arts Center

The Jazz Museum Performing Arts Center is a 200-seat theater located on the third floor of the Old US Mint. This performance space boasts full capabilities for the production, recording and web broadcasting of live music and theatrical performances, and as well for lectures, symposia, oral histories, video interviews, and curatorial panels.

From both a technical and cultural standpoint, the Performance Center complements the Jazz Museum’s mission to celebrate the history of jazz, in all its forms, through dynamic interactive exhibits, multigenerational educational programming, research facilities and engaging musical performances.

The Jazz Museum now links its ongoing collections audio digitization work-flow with that of the Performing Arts Center, including the digitization of its internationally recognized Jazz Collection.

The Performing Arts Center provides the opportunity to link the artifacts and exhibits with the living musical and cultural traditions of the region through a variety of avenues, including live musical and theatrical performances and web streaming.