Alvin Alcorn

September 7, 1912 – July 17, 2003

Alvin Alcorn (September 7, 1912 – July 17, 2003) was a New Orleans jazz trumpeter. He played freelance in New Orleans in the late 1920s and early 1930s with, among others, Armand J. Piron’s Sunny South Syncopators in 1930-31. He toured with Don Albert and returned to New Orleans in 1937, playing in the groups of Paul Barbarin, Sidney Desvigne, Oscar Celestin, and Octave Crosby. He moved to Los Angeles in 1954, where he played with Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band between 1954-56. Returning once again to New Orleans, he played regularly in local ensembles, and occasionally accompanied bands such as Chris Barber’s on tours of Europe. He was a member of Louis Cottrell, Jr.’s Heritage Hall Jazz Band. Alcorn performed with the Olympia Brass Band on the soundtrack to the James Bond film Live and Let Die, and has a bit part as a killer in the film.

Source: Wikipedia

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