Evaluation of Community-based Art, Community Cultural Development, Sustainability and Coalition Building.

  • With each unit, a feedback grid is developed for reflection on each reading in class, video viewing in class, and each step of projects.
  • Individual reflections/journals are maintained for each component and assignment of the course. Reflections are shared with classmates and faculty team. Careful attention is given to phases of empathy, definition, ideation, and implementation of community partner projects so that community voice is present.
  • Relating to student and partner goals for the course, community project, and peer team members, goal and evaluation forms are gathered at three points in the semester (beginning, middle and end) to capture progress, insights, and results.
  • A mid-term evaluation tracks student progress and team progress.
  • A final paper is required of each student that is a reflection of "What is community cultural development" drawing on experience from community engagement projects, readings, discussion, videos, and field trips from the course.
  • Culminating community partner projects are presented in creative form on the day of the final exam, with emphasis on the goal of sustainability and coalition building as students exit the community.