Mapping Project and Presentations


1. Select a particular aspect or genre of music relevant to the Gulf South region (or the entire nation including the Gulf South). It may be either at the production (birthplaces of artists, locations of recording studios, lyrical references, etc.) or consumption end (radio stations, CD sales) of music, or both (festivals, etc.). Be creative, and do not limit yourself to the famous genres traditionally associated with this region, such as blues, jazz, Cajun, zydeco, etc. Consider Tejano, hiphop, Christian Contemporary, others.

2. Identify a geographical component of your topic, find spatial data on it, and map the data throughout the region or nation. You may use any mapping format you wish: by hand, GoogleMaps, or by using the provided PowerPoint raw base maps (one for the Gulf South and one for the US-whichever makes sense for your topic). Your final map should have at least 25-30 datapoints; ensure that you do not map only a partial and selective sample which might distort the spatial pattern.

3. Using your readings and class learnings as background material, inspect your map and interpret the results. What type of geographies do you see? Are the patterns concentrated, dispersed, intermixed, urban, rural? Are they spatially disproportionate in any way? Do they correspond to any of the historical, cultural, or physical geographical patterns we discussed inclass? Do they surprise you, or conform to your expectations? How do you perceive the musical geography of the Gulf South as a result of this exercise?

4. Discuss your topic, methodology, mapping exercise, and the resulting patterns in a 750-word essay. Include the map in the essay. Print out, turn in, and be prepared to give a ten-minute oral explanation of your research and findings to your class.