Sissy Bounce: New Orleans gender-bending rap

Whether you like the term "sissy bounce" or not, for better or worse that label has become the most widely used way to differentiate between bounce music as performed by "straight" artists and bounce music as performed by artists within the New Orleans LGBTQ community. So-called "sissy bounce" has received an intense amount of national publicity in the last few years — including a Big Freedia reality TV show and a cover story in the New York Times — after this musical genre began to be programmed in white-owned venues after 2009. (In many cases, this was the first time that non-community members were aware of this bounce music tradition's existence.) In this unit, students will gain an understanding of this musical form and its primary performers, the greater historical context of relative performative freedom in New Orleans (as evidenced by popular R&B stars Bobby Marchan, Patsy Vidalia and others), and the ongoing issue of homophobia and misogyny in hiphop.