Intro to American Hiphop By Region: Dirty South

Although the series of cultural and musical events leading up to the concretization of what we now call “hiphop” began in the Bronx and other New York City boroughs, the West African diasporic/African American oral traditions and aesthetics that informed the development of this musical tradition began in the American South. The Dozens, toasts, jump-roping games, ring-shouts, and other distinctly African American traditions born from the South all played roles in the greater development of hiphop as a musical genre. In this unit, students will learn the basics of Southern hiphop and will gain an understanding of the places, events, important artists — Goodie Mob, OutKast, Three-6 Mafia, UGK — and genres — crunk, Miami bass, New Orleans bounce, Houston chopped & screwed — that informed it.