Urban and Rural Synergies

Jazz benefited greatly from the movement of musicians into the city from the countryside and vice versa, when music "professors" such as James B. Humphrey brought instruction to rural populations. This class shows how such demographic dynamics influenced early jazz development and how the urban environment in promoted gender diversification and the social acceptance of jazz. Report on Hersch due. Read Lawrence Gushee, "A Preliminary Chronology of the Early Career of Ferd 'Jelly Roll' Morton," American Music, 3/4 (Winter 1985), 389-412 and Dick Holbrook, "Mister Jazz Himself-The Story of Ray Lopez," Storyville no. 64 (April-May 1976), 135-151; (reports due on Week 10).

Buddie Petit's band in Mandeville, LA (circa 1920)