Fred Lonzo, also known as Freddie Lonzo (born New Orleans, Louisiana, 26 August 1950) is a jazz trombonist.

Lonzo is one of the most highly regarded practitioners of “tailgate” style traditional jazz trombone. His style is distinctly his own, but such influences as Kid Ory and Frog Joseph can be heard.

Lonzo has played with such brass bands as Doc Paulin’s, the Imperial, Olympia, and Young Tuxedo.

Lonzo has played and recorded with such notables as Alvin Alcorn, Doc Cheatham, Evan Christopher, Lars Edegran, Bob French, Wynton Marsalis, Teddy Riley, Dr. Michael White, Wendell Brunious and Sammy Rimington.

In New Orleans, he regularly plays at such venues as Donna’s, the Palm Court Jazz Cafe, and Preservation Hall.

Source: Wikipedia

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